Art Round Tennessee

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Kip Kniep    Jewelry

My craft utilizes reclaimed materials. I retrieve and refine precious metals from various sources. The process of hand fabrication is extremely painstaking, requiring much patience. It begins with the melting of the metal in a crucible. The molten metal is then poured into round or flat ingots. From the ingots wire and flat stock can be formed. At that stage comes scribing, sawing, filing, drilling, hammering - whatever it takes to create the rough form. Then soldering, which melts close to the melting point of the parent metal. This do or die step can totally ruin the piece. Up to the point of soldering, virtually all mistakes are correctable, however, a soldering mistake usually results in a puddle of metal! The final steps include appropriate methods of sanding and polishing to complete the piece. If the item is a ‘couture’ piece - one made for a specific client - the procedure has the additional, initial step that starts with consultation with the client. This can be quick and spontaneous or require considerable time and reflection, Recently, I’ve been incorporating precious and semi - precious stones in my work.