Art Round Tennessee

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Amy Hill   Painting, Drawing

Since childhood, I’ve loved drawing, always pushing myself to get better and make artwork that looked like everybody else’s. I wanted to be the next Mary Engelbreit, so I doodled and read books and watched TV shows--Bob Ross was my idol. My epiphany came when I learned that I could create highlights by lightening a color I’d already used and making a flat object jump off the page. By just making that same color a little bit lighter, it was immediately a complementary highlight. Artistic gold came when I got a job at Tennessee Tech and transferred those skills to the computer where I could use the same ideas to draw in Illustrator, creating images that popped and amazed professors when I could draw their technical diagrams like they never knew possible. Now, I’m living my childhood dream, but instead of making art that looks like someone else’s, I’m making it my own--with a style honed through 40 years of experience--and making the most of a talent that God gave me that I don’t want to hide in the dirt where it will never grow.