Art Round Tennessee

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Jordan Braswell   Fiber                          Lauren Huey  Wood, Jewelry                               (931) 644-6745

(931) 644-1804

Jordan Braswell - I fell in love with yarn nearly fifteen years ago. Since then, my life has been a wonderful, fibrous journey toward the goal of "whatever I'm in the mood for". Such vague guidelines have sent me all over the world of yarn work. I've met wonderful people, read amazing books, and discovered a passion for sharing art in any way possible. Most of my knitting, crochet, Tunisian, and weaving come in the form of clothing, but within the word 'clothing' I have found an endless selection of form and function. I do all the hand work and most of the designs.

Lauren Huey - I am inspired by the natural world and possess a deep curiosity about plants and animals. This reverence for the great outdoors compels me to re-create the magic I feel when I discover objects of natural wonder. Things that often captivate me are the common objects I might find daily. A colorful leaf, a unique stone, or a beautiful flower are examples of things that hold the most intrigue for me. They contain a certain allure which inspires me to create my art.  My work usually begins with an interesting item I found in the forest. I use the item to design a series of works inspired by the object. First, I choose the species of wood I find most suitable for my subject. As I carve, I play with the grain, form, and color to re-create the allure that draws me to the object.  I believe many people have lost their ability to marvel at nature. I want to help my audience recover some of that lost appreciation of the natural world through my work. When they see and touch my work, I want them to share the amazement at what miracles nature bestows on us even in the simplest of settings.

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