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Better Phone Photography

Learn how to use the camera in your phone to move beyond merely taking snapshots and to begin making artistic photographs. Professional photographers use time-honored techniques to make their photographs stand out. Not only will you see examples of these techniques made on a phone camera, but you will also get to practice many of them in the workshop. Immediate feedback will give you the confidence to create beautiful photographs with your phone camera that you would be proud to print and hang on your wall.

Instructor: Bill Miller

In  review, each participant received a 50-page set of notes for the workshop, filled with numerous photo examples and detailed descriptions for improving phone photographs in order to move beyond taking snapshots.  While touching on a few tricks to take control of focus and exposure, most of the time was dedicated to a very few, simple techniques for considering composition before taking the shot.  Finally, we ended with simple post-processing that is already built-in to camera apps.  Rain delayed our efforts to spend some of the workshop time in Dogwood Park, but some of us met the next day to get some practice.  Following are some thumbnail images from the participants made following the workshop.  Click on a thumbnail to see the full photograph.